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Theo Petsies Plush Product Review

My mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I told her that I really wanted was a custom Pesties plush of my oldest dog, Theo.  At 14 years of age, I know that I will unfortunately not have Theo in my life forever.

The past five months have seen several major health issues afflict my furry best friend.  Theo had sudden onset glaucoma in his right eye and lost his vision immediately.  While losing his sight, we also thought that he had had stroke.  Theo was admitted to Veterinary Specialty Services in Missouri multiple times.

While at VSS, we made the decision to proceed with a CT scan and spinal tap. Thankfully, he was given a clean bill of health and a diagnosis of being an old dog.  Theo recently underwent an eight hour test to see if he has Cushing’s disease.  The results were negative!

This made my desire for a Petsies plush of Theo quite strong.  I want to have something amazing to remember Theo by when his time comes.  Yes, I will definitely have the wonderful memories, fur covered clothing and worn out doggie sweaters.  But I wanted something more.

My husband and I ordered our first Pesties in honor of our differently-abled Dachshund, Hope.  The product of a backyard breeder, she was born without eyes and is completely deaf.  We were completely blown away when her plush arrived.

I knew that my Pesties of Theo was going to be amazing.  However, I had not fully prepared myself for the awesomeness that was to come.  The large, white box arrived with the word  PETSIES emblazoned on the sides.  My hands trembled as I slowly pulled off the packing tape.

I caught a glimpse of the tan fur.  Gently parting the tissue paper, I removed the plush.  My eyes welled with tears.  Theo’s plush was perfect!

Theo’s custom Petsies plush!
I love the texture of the fur!

As I inspected Theo’s twin, I noticed the subtle details that Petsies had captured.  I had not told them that Theo’s brown nose has black flecks in it.  Nor did I tell them about the scar on his front left leg made by a hot spot that took forever to heal.

The infamous hot spot scar.

Petsies did not simply copy Theo from the photos that I sent.  They actually took the time to pour over the images and detect the finite details and characteristics that make Theo the fantastically unique pooch that he is.

Theo and his twin!

I could not be happier with my Petsies plush.  Now, I have an amazing keepsake that will help keep my best friend in my life forever.  To create your own custom Petsies, visit their website at:  http://ift.tt/2dxVREg

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BringerPet Fleece Blanket Product Review

To say that I love my furry babies would be a huge
understatement.  These amazing animals
are my entire world (plus my husband).  I
love to share photos and stories with friends, family and essentially anyone who
will listen.

It only stands to reason that I would want to show off my
precious pets by placing their photos on numerous products.  From t-shirts to playing cards and custom
plush, I love to immortalize their adorableness.

That is when I discovered BringerPet.  This up and coming business hosts a group of
super talented artists who create gorgeous customized products that feature
your pet as a hand-made cartoon.

How does it work?  First,
head to their website at:  www.bringerpet.com.  Then simply select the desired product,
upload your favorite pet photo and then prepare to be amazed! 

I selected the 50 x 60 Ultra Soft Super Plush Fleece
Blanket.  I was completely blown away!  Hope looks beyond adorable as a cartoon.  I loved that I had the opportunity to choose
the background color.  Her image really
pops against the light blue background.

Hope looks stunning!

The quality of the blanket is unbelievable.  I can honestly say that this is the softest
blanket that I have ever owned.  The
description is true to its word.  The
material is ultra-soft and super plush. 

Being the proud pet parent to five rescue dogs, the extra-large
size is a must.  My whole pack can
snuggle with me under its incredible softness. 
Hope also took an instant liking to the blanket.  After a few sniffs, she immediately began to
burrow and promptly fell asleep.

Hope checks out her new blanket.

“Yep, it looks just like me!”

I would highly recommend BringerPet to animal lovers of all
ages.  They even have a special section on
their website offering products specifically for children.  Their products will make fabulously unique
gifts for the pet parent in your life.  

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Grumpy Cat’s First Worst Christmas Book Review

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat stars in Grumpy Cat’s First Worst Christmas.  Grumpy’s friend, Pokey, tries everything she can think of to get Grumpy Cat in the holiday spirit.  She suggests making a snow-cat, decorating the Christmas tree and even baking cookies for Santa.

Grumpy Cat cannot seem to find anything to like about the most wonderful time of the year.  Instead, she wants to live in her wonderland of NO.  Will Pokey be able to change Grumpy Cat’s mind and keep her off of Santa’s naughty list?

I am a huge Grumpy Cat fan, however, I was greatly disappointed with this book.  I found Grumpy Cat to be too grumpy and very depressing.  While I did chuckle at several instances of Grumpy Cat’s grumpiness, I do not feel that the few laughs saved the book.

There also seems to be no plot to the story.  The whole theme is simply Grumpy Cat hating Christmas.  I do not think that this is a very good story to read to children, especially during the holidays, which are supposed to be happy and joyous occasions.

While I realize that Grumpy Cat’s claim to fame are memes showcasing her sassy and grumpy attitude, this book is simply too one dimensional and melancholy for me.  I feel that this story is more geared towards adults who would better appreciate Grumpy Cat’s personality.

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Yoda: The Story of a Cat and His Kittens Book Review

Yoda was once a gorgeous Persian kitten.  He had the most luxurious white fur that looked like freshly fallen snow.  Yoda also had dreams of becoming a super cat!

But those days were long gone.  Yoda had been dumped at an animal shelter by his previous owner.  Now, his white fur was covered with dirt.  He had lost tons of weight because he was too sad to eat.

One day, a woman named Beth came into the shelter.  She immediately chose Yoda to be a part of her family.  He was excited to finally be adopted, but something still didn’t feel right.  Then he discovered a room in his new home that housed four foster kittens.

The cuddly cats were out of control!  Yoda just knew that he had to whip the kittens into shape.  Will he be able to control the kitty chaos?  Can Yoda achieve his dream of becoming a super cat?

This is a very touching story.  I love that the book is based on true events.  I also love reading about animals that are given a second chance at life.  The book also sheds light on the importance of animal adoption.  In fact, all proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the North Shore Animal League America’s Bianca’s Furry Friends campaign.

I believe that readers of all ages will be able relate to Yoda’s longing to find a purpose.  Children will delight in Devin Crane’s illustrations.  Yoda and the kittens are whimsical and adorable.  Cat lovers will especially enjoy this comical kitty read.

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The Adventures of Honey and Leon Book Review

Leon is a Chihuahua from Brooklyn who knows how to hold his own.  Honey is a rescue mutt with a flare for acting.  They live together with their two dads in New York City.

While the pampered pooches seem to have it made, there is one problem.  Their dads are always traveling for work.  Leon and Honey miss their dads and want to protect them at all times.

One day, Honey hears the familiar sound of luggage being moved.  She and Leon quickly devise a plan to secretly follow their dads.  With bags packed, the mischievous pair hail a taxi and head to the airport.

Will this dynamic duo be able to stay incognito?  Can they complete their mission to protect their dads?  Will Honey ever become a famous actress?

I love this book!  This is definitely one of my all time favorite picture books.  The story is overflowing with humor and heart.  I also love how the book encompasses modern day technology and family life.  From Honey snapping a selfie to the discussion of same-sex couples, this book truly has it all.

Being a pet parent to five rescue dogs, I can totally relate to how much I miss them when I have to go to work or travel to a conference.  I have often wondered what it would be like to take them with me.  I am sure that chaos would ensue, much like with Leon and Honey.

Grant Shaffer’s illustrations are beyond adorable.  I love how Shaffer uses pale and pastel colors for the backgrounds while using bold and vibrant colors for the main characters.  This definitely makes Leon and Honey pop off of the page.  I also love how creative Shaffer is with his artwork.  Having a Where’s Waldo type spread on the first two pages of the book is pure genius.

I would highly recommend this book to readers of all ages.  Everyone will delight in Leon and Honey’s silly antics.  I hope that these courageous canines will have many more adventures to come.

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Maverick and Me Book Review

Maverick shivered as the rain beat down on his tiny head.  The poor pup was weak and all alone.  Suddenly, Maverick felt himself being lifted into the arms of a woman with a soft coat.

He was overjoyed when he then met the manager of a pet supply store who gave him a big bowl of food to eat.  The woman who had rescued Maverick decided to take care of him and help prepare the pooch for adoption.  When adoption day arrived, Maverick was so excited.  He just knew that he was going to find the perfect forever home.

Maverick watched as the other dogs were adopted one by one.  Adoption day was almost over and he had not yet found his family.  Will Maverick ever find a place where he belongs?

I adore this book!  I love the personal message from author Katherine Schwarzenegger featured at the beginning.  This story definitely tugged on my heartstrings.  True stories about rescued animals getting a second chance at life always make me smile.  I especially love that the book sheds light on the adoption option. 

Being the proud pet parent of five rescue dogs and three cats in addition to being an animal advocate and volunteer for various rescue groups and organizations, I am thrilled that this book highlights the importance of foster parents for animals.  Additionally, I love that Scarlett shares her passion for animal adoption with her friends.  This is a very important message that should definitely be taught to children at a young age.

This is a fantastic read for animal lovers of all ages.  I also believe that this book could serve as an educational text for humane education programs for area rescue groups and shelters.  The book would also make a great gift for people with children who are interested in adopting a new pet.

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