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Sofa Dog Book Review

Sofa Dog by Leonie Lord follows one dog on his epic quest to reclaim his sofa.  Sofa Dog loves spending time on his sofa with his human Sophie.  They are soon interrupted by the neighbor’s cats who also want to share the sofa. 

Sofa Dog makes room for the two cats and Sophie.  Then the doorbell rings and Sophie’s three aunts have come to stay.  The sofa is getting more and more crowded.  Will there still be enough room for Sofa Dog?

I love this book!  I fell in love with Sofa Dog the moment I saw the cover.  Being the owner of five rescued dogs, I can totally relate to Sofa Dog’s situation.  This usually happens with my lap.  Each dog believes that my lap is his/her property.  Somehow, my lap always seems to have room for one more.

Lord’s illustrations are whimsical and fun.  I love the intricate detail of the flea.  Children will love the colorful cast of characters that seek the comfort of the sofa.  They will also cheer Sofa Dog on as he attempts to regain his favorite spot.

This is a great read for children ages 4-8.

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Teddy the Dog: (Almost) Best in Show Book Review

Teddy is back in a brand new adventure!  In Teddy the Dog:  (Almost) Best in Show, Teddy decides to compete in the Strut Your Mutt Dog Show.  He knows he has the style, class, and charisma to bring home the gold.

The sassy pooch keeps his head held high as he prances on the red carpet upon arrival.  Teddy easily makes friends with his fellow competitors.  But he soon finds out that being a show dog is much harder than it looks.  Does he stand a chance against these seasoned veterans?

I love this book!  Teddy’s character is truly larger than life.  His sense of humor is spot on and had me laughing with every page turn.  Teddy’s personality definitely reminds me of my own dogs.

Jonathan Sneider’s illustrations are fantastic.  Bursting with vibrant colors and a memorable cast of canine characters, children are sure to delight in every page.  I love how Sneider shows Teddy’s emotions with his eyebrows since his eyes are covered by his signature shades.

This is a hilarious read for children ages 4-8 and for anyone who has a dog with an attitude like Teddy’s.

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Ball Book Review

In Mary Sullivan’s debut book, Ball, the reader is introduced to a portly pooch who loves his red ball.  Even more than his ball, he loves playing fetch with his little girl.  She happily throws the toy as she gets ready for school.

When she heads out to the bus, the poor pup seeks out other friends to play with.  Mom is too busy getting zen.  The baby is terrified of the large, red orb.  And the cat wants no part of that!  Will the playful canine ever find a ball-loving companion?

I love this book!  I am a huge Mary Sullivan fan.  I love how her stories read more like comic books and graphic novels.  The fast-paced story had me eagerly turning the pages.

Sullivan’s illustrations are adorable and heartbreaking at the same time.  My eyes welled with tears at seeing the dog’s sadness without his favorite playmate.  Children will fall in love with the energetic canine and cheer him on in his quest.

This is a wonderful read for children ages preschool and up.  I think this book would also make a fantastic gift for the animal lover in your life.

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Princess Allee Book Review

Princess Allee is the first installment in the Furever Home Friends series by Savy Leiser.  Allee dreams of being a princess.  She wants to live in a big castle and wear a sparkly crown.  There’s only one problem.  Allee lives in an animal shelter.

One day, a woman named Stacy comes to visit Allee.  They both knew it was a perfect match at first sight.  Allee can’t wait to go live in her castle!

The precocious pup soon discovers that Stacy’s house is not a castle at all.  It’s just a normal house with two other dogs, Sammy and Buddy.  This is definitely NOT what Allee had pictured.  Will she ever be happy with her new home?

I love this story!  I couldn’t stop laughing from start to finish.  Allee has so much class and sass.  Her character reminds me of Naughty Mabel.  I could totally see them going out for tea together.

Leiser does a beautiful job of depicting shelter life from the dog’s perspective.  Children will fall in love with Allee and will be able to relate to her dreams of a princess lifestyle.

Brenda Clemente’s illustrations are gorgeous.  Allee’s character is simply breathtaking.  I found Sammy’s character to be beyond adorable.  He reminds me of my grandma’s chocolate Chihuahua, Tiggy.  Children will be drawn to the colorful cast of canine characters.

This is a wonderful book for dogs lovers of all ages. 

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Smile, Chewie! Book Review

Smile, Chewie! is the second installment in the Furever Home Friends series written by Savy Leiser.  Chewie is having a difficult time adjusting to life in the shelter.  He had gotten used to living as a stray.  Except when he was injured after begging for food from the wrong human.

Now Chewie bares the scars from that horrible night.  He shies away from potential adopters.  Chewie knows that no one will want to adopt a pit bull.  Will he ever be able to find a forever home?

I really enjoyed this book.  Being the owner of five rescue dogs and three cats, this story really tugs at my heartstrings.  I love how Leiser tackles the controversial issue of pit bulls and the stigma that surrounds them.  I think that children will have a better understanding of the breed after reading Chewie’s story.

Christy Schneyman’s illustrations are adorable and heartwarming.  The images have a hand-drawn feel and her use of light and pastel colors is truly stunning.

This is a wonderful story for dog lovers of all ages and would make a great gift for those working in animal rescue.

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Treat Book Review

Mary Sullivan is back with more fun stories about dogs in her second book: Treat. The reader is introduced to an adorable Frenchie who longs for a treat. First, he tries scamming cereal from his youngest caretaker. Then he begs for hot dogs from the older sister. Grandma and Grandpa prove to be no help in the treat giving department either.

Even the baby is unwilling to help the poor pooch out. Will this friendly Frenchie ever get the treat that he longs for?

I am a huge fan of Mary Sullivan’s work! I absolutely adored this book. To me, it read more like a comic book or graphic novel. I think this will definitely hold a young reader’s attention.

Her cast of canine characters remind me of my own pack of rescued dogs. The facial expressions she uses are simply hilarious. From the perk of the ears to the wag of the tail, I was laughing at Frenchie through out the story.

This is a wonderful book for readers of all ages. Children will delight in the bright and fun illustrations and will root for the pudgy pooch on his quest for the illusive treat.

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BlogPaws 2018 Conference Review

I had been waiting to attend the BlogPaws conference for years.  My mom surprised me with tickets for my birthday last year.  Since receiving the gift, I began counting down the days until the conference’s arrival.

My husband and I loaded our tripawd pooch, Penny, into the car and made the four hour journey to Kansas City, Missouri.  Not only was this to be our first BlogPaws, but it was their 10th Anniversary Conference as well.  Penny did a fabulous job traveling.  She slept most of the way there!
We made it to Kansas City, Missouri!
In the three days that followed, we had the privilege of meeting other pet parents and bloggers.  We swapped stories and business cards and of course, snuggles with their fur babies!  I loved getting to meet with representatives from the various brands that were present at the conference.
So much knowledge was contained within every breakout session.  Speaker Elizabeth Keene taught attendees the ins and outs of using Facebook Ads.  I had no idea that I could drill down and see what other pages my followers were viewing.  My husband, Matt, learned about Blogging with Goals with the team from Dragon 360.
I learned how to use the Tailwind app to grow my followers on Instagram.  Melissa Megginson’s presentation was fantastic and provided step-by-step guidance along with other tricks to customizing Tailwind for maximum effect.
One of my favorite sessions was How to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Engagement and Connect with Your Pack.  The speakers Meesha Kauffman, Marika Meeks, Tori Mistick, and Hannah Zulueta were outstanding.  I had never used Instagram stories before attending their lecture.  Now, I use it almost every day.  Their tips were easily attainable and I wish that the session would have been longer.  There is so much to learn!
On Friday, my husband attended The Art of Smartphone Photography.  Being an avid photographer, he was eager to learn new ways to use his phone to capture amazing shots.  Meanwhile, I was attending the Repurpose for Profit:  How to Create a Content Calendar That Can Actually Make You Money given by Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams.  They had so many great ideas on how to multiple the use of my content to other social media channels.
My favorite event was the 1 on 1 sessions.  Attendees could select one speaker to spend 10 minutes with asking any questions about his/her specialty.  I selected Marika Meeks.  She gave me invaluable tips for growing one of my Instagram accounts.  Marika was very friendly and enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with a fellow pet lover/blogger.
While we were unable to attend the Nose to Nose Awards due to a scheduling conflict with another conference, a BlogPaws worker was nice enough to let us snap a few pics on the red carpet before we had to depart and head to our next destination.
Time for the conference to begin!

Life’s a beach with Chewy.com!

Stealing kisses from Penny at the Merrick booth.

Showing off our newbie ribbon.

Chilling poolside at the Frontline display.

Striking a pose on the BlogPaws red carpet.

We loved getting to see our friends Ashley and Baxter from Wayside Waifs!

It was an honor meeting fellow author Keri Claiborne Boyle!
Penny met a fellow tripawd, Skylar!
We are proud to support Halo and their #HaloFeeditForward campaign.
I donned poop glasses at the Humarian booth.

Did you know that #PetsStayFree at the Red Roof Inn?

We enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to the folks with Seresto.

Hamming it up with Solid Gold.

Penny loved the food by Weruva.

Penny loved hanging out with the large Whimzees.

Penny got to meet the famous cat, Coco!

Penny needed a quick nap between sessions.

Penny loved meeting Rochelle from the Broke Dog blog.  Her dog, Henry, looks just like Penny!

Getting more snuggles at the Morrison Foundation booth.

The lovely ladies at Whisk and Wag made delicious treats that Penny loved.

Penny begging for more of Tomlyn’s pill paste.

Penny definitely wants the new pop up pool from DOOG.
Penny takes a diva moment on the red carpet.

Penny helped take notes during the sessions.
Penny and I were beyond excited to meet Bruce Wayne and his cloned puppies!
Penny met an adorable Frenchie named Fria!
Penny loved getting hugs from the ladies at the Frontline display.

Jordan from Pets Empower strikes a pose with Penny.

Penny made new friends at the Red Roof Inn booth.

Penny tried every flavor of treat at the Vita Bone booth.

So excited to have shared my book at the Living Room display.
What an awesome conference!  Time to rest.
If you have never attended a BlogPaws conference, you are missing out!  Not only do you get to meet passionate pet people, but you get to connect with the brands in a one-on-one environment.  Plus, you will receive a ridiculous amount of swag!  Our official BlogPaws swag bags were seriously heavy.  Several brands also gave away free products such as the Comfort Zone Calming Vest and Lenny Pads, washable pee pads.
I’m officially hooked on BlogPaws!  I can’t wait to attend the conference next year in sunny Florida.

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