They All Saw a Cat Book Review

They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel tells that tale of a cat walking through the world and how the creatures he/she encounters perceive him/her.  Everyone that the cat meets views him/her very differently.  Some see the cat as skinny, while others see him/her as fat.  Some think the cat is friendly while others think the cat is mean.

Could all of the creatures be looking at the same cat?  Could all of their perceptions be correct?  Most importantly, how does the cat view him/herself?

I absolutely loved reading this book!  Wenzel takes the complex concept of personal perception and makes it easily attainable for children to grasp.  The illustrations are simply stunning!  It is very clear to see why the book won a Caldecott Honor Medal.  Each illustration represents a new perspective and incorporates a mixed media style.

I also love how Wenzel incorporates science into the book.  The illustration of the worm’s perspective of the cat highlights the fact that worms “see” by feeling the vibrations in the ground.  Still another scientific illustration appears when the cat passes a bat.  This illustration demonstrates how bats use echolocation to see the world.

This book is a must read for book lovers of all ages.  Children will especially delight in the colorful cast of characters that the cat meets along his/her journey.  I believe that this book could also be incorporated into school curriculum to help teach children about respecting the opinions of others.

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