Norbert and Lil Bub What Can Little We Do? Book Review

of the world’s most beloved animal celebrities team up in this
heartwarming adventure entitled Norbert and Lil Bub What Can Little We
Do? by Julie Freyermuth, Mike Bridavsky and Virginia Freyermuth. Norbert
is a three pound certified therapy dog on a mission to make the world a
better place by bringing smiles to all he meets. While enjoying a day
at the park, a flying saucer touches down right next to Norbert!

strange creature by the name of Lil Bub emerges. This peculiar kitty
has come from outer space with a mission all her own. She wishes to help
animals with special needs. Lil Bub has been sent to Earth to find a
man simply known as “that dude.”

Together, Norbert and Lil Bub
embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Will they be able to see past
their differences and accomplish their goals?

I found this book
to be a fun fantasy read. I do wish that the book would have gone into
more depth about Norbert and Lil Bub’s charity work and volunteerism.
The illustrations are a combination of oil paint and combined mediums to
create truly unique images that readers of all ages will love.

have had the extreme honor of meeting Lil Bub in person twice. She is
the calmest cat I have ever seen! Mike Bridavsky is a true animal lover
who definitely has a big heart. I hope that Lil Bub will continue to
share her adventures with the world. 

 Norbert and Lil Bub’s First Book!

Lil Bub really is a magical kitty!

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