Mauhaus Cat Cafe Review

Everyone in the room had donned party hats.  Suddenly, the lights dimmed.  The cake had arrived!  The crowd erupted into a comical version of “Happy Birthday” as the guests of honor emerged.  They gracefully hopped up onto the table and began nibbling at their special treat.

This was the scene at Mauhaus cat café in Maplewood, Missouri.  The birthday party was in honor of the café’s resident cats Taylor and Lorelei.  The pair were overjoyed with their custom cake from Treats Unleashed.  Then came the gifts!  Their favorite?  A pair of custom Army tanks that they can cruise around in.

The café staff was on hand creating delicious delicacies for the human guests to enjoy.  There were even cookies made to look like Taylor and Lorelei!  Clayton, the café’s owner, also made homemade vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

Having never been to a cat café, my husband and I were not sure what to expect.  The set-up is reminiscent of something that Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy would have created.  Long, wooden walk-ways hang from the ceiling.  Benches line the base of the large store front windows.  Each have secret cutouts that allow the cats an escape from all of the attention.

The opposite wall houses an intricate shelving system where cats happily perch among the different levels.  In the center of the room stands a floor to ceiling cat tower.  Large pillows litter the floor.  These are supposed to be for the human visitors to sit on, but the cats like to nap on them too.

Books about cats are strewn throughout the room for those who wish to study up on their feline friends.

Taller tables with chairs are by the window that faces the café.  Patrons can choose to eat inside the main room with the cats or eat at the high top tables in the main lobby that face the windows to the main room so they won’t miss a second of the cute kitty action.

Photos of the Mauhaus cats are featured on the back wall of the main room.  The photos are split into two groups:  Adoptable and Past Residents.  Biographies of the adoptable kitties can be found in a binder that travels around the room.  All of the cats at Mauhaus are rescue cats from Stray Haven Feline Rescue of St. Louis, Missouri.

We absolutely loved getting to interact with the free roaming cats!  The cage-free environment really allows the cats’ individual personalities to shine.  My husband fell for a cat named Colin and I became smitten with a kitten named Daryl.  One week later, we officially made Daryl (now named Sven) a part of our furry family!


Check out the amazing cake from Treats Unleashed!


 Taylor and Lorelei inspect their cake.

Taylor digs in!

Lorelei takes her turn with the cake.


Poppy enjoys her window seat.

Colin curls up.

 The cookies look just like Taylor and Lorelei!

                                                     Lorelei enjoys the climbing shelves.

                                                     Poppy enjoys her perch above the door.


Meet the newest member of our family:  Sven (formerly known as Daryl)!


I would highly recommend visiting Mauhaus Cat Café.  Their staff could not be friendlier and their passion for cats is truly touching.  They were just as excited about us adopting Daryl as we were!  To learn more and to book your reservation, visit:


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