ASPCA Giveaway Winner Announced

How did it become March so quickly?  My sincerest apologies for not posting the winner on February 28th as originally promised.  The Theuerkauf household has been a bit crazy lately.  My husband recently had nasal surgery, Adriel came down with a doggy cold and we thought that Theo was having back issues.

Now that everyone is back on the mend, I would like to announce the winner of the ASPCA Giveaway!  The winner is….Deanna Watson for her totally touching story about meeting the furry love of her life, Day-Z.  Check out her winning story here:

“My friend suggested I look at the dogs at the Humane Society. I wasn’t
ready to have a dog, but I went. There was a Jack Russell Terrier. I
watch Wishbone on tv when I was younger and fell in love with Jack
Russells. I met this dog and took her for a walk and she did not want to
go back in her kennel. It was closing time for the shelter so I left.

couldn’t stop thinking about that dog. I went back to see her again. I
asked about adopting her and the shelter staff told me she wouldn’t get
along with cats that I had at home and discouraged me from adopting her
so I went home. I still couldn’t stop thinking about this dog. I went to
the shelter and adopted her the next day.

This sweet pooch was hit by a
car and only has one eye. I love her. She has taught me to not judge
people by their appearance. Kids in the neighborhood yell hello to her
as we walk or drive by them. Everyone who meets her loves her (even the
kitty in our house). She was with me during difficult times such as my
brother passing, my boyfriend breaking up with me, my mother having a
heart attack, and so much more.

She is my constant friend and I am hers.
My sweet pooch had had two other owners before me who both kept her for
two years each. Day-Z has been with me for 4 years now and she is at
her forever home.”

Deanna and her furry love, Day-Z!
Congratulations, Deanna and Day-Z!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful love story with Theuerkauf’s Tails!  Please send me an e-mail at: containing your mailing address so that I can send you your prizes.

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