Lucy Pet Products Product Review

Slowly, I took a deep breath.  The smell of coconut and sun tan lotion filed my nostrils.  I was instantly transported to a tropical beach.  What scent could have elicited such a response?  My dog’s shampoo!

While attending the BarkWorld 2016 expo in Atlanta, GA, we met two wonderful representatives from Lucy Pet Products.  This company was founded by Joey Herrick after he met his inspiration, Lucy.  She showed up on his doorstep one day and refused to take no for an answer.  Herrick graciously allowed Lucy into his home.  Days later, she gifted him with five puppies!

This got Herrick thinking about the problem of pet overpopulation.  According to the Lucy Pet Products website, “Over 80,000 dogs and cats are euthanized weekly in the U.S. due to overpopulation.”  He decided that he wanted to do something to change this horrible statistic, so he created Lucy Pet Products and the Lucy Pet Foundation.

Aside from creating amazing products, such as shampoos, conditioners and cat litter, Herrick took it a step further.  “*Net profits from the sales of Lucy Pet Products go to help fund the Lucy Pet Foundation, whose mission is to reduce pet overpopulation through mobile Spay and Neuter clinics as well as funding other animal related welfare organizations.” (

We were very excited to try the Surfin’ Jack Moisturizing Coconut shampoo on our differently-abled pooches, Penny and Hope.  I loved how the shampoo easily lathered in my hands.  A little truly goes a long way.  Other products we have tried simply create massive amounts of bubbles, but hardly any lather to work with.  Not true with Surfin’ Jack!

The texture of the shampoo is as smooth as silk.  There are no rough granules or beads.  Hope and Penny loved having the shampoo rubbed into their fur.  The shampoo contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates or phosphates.  My husband loved how easily the shampoo rinsed off.  Unlike other shampoos, there was no filmy residue left on Hope and Penny’s skin.
I also love the wide assortment of scents!  My favorite is the Surfin’ Jack Moisturizing Coconut Shampoo.  You will literally feel like you are at the beach.  Other scents include:
  • The Big Apple Skin Soothing Apple Oatmeal Shampoo
  • Purple Rain Calm and Clean Lavender Shampoo
  • Blue Lightening Blueberry Brightening Shampoo
  • Berry Berry Smellicious Tropical Freshening Shampoo
  • Pup a Dub Dub Gentle Formula Shampoo

All of the above scents are also available as a leave in conditioner spray.  We absolutely love how easy the conditioner is to use.  Just a few sprays and our dog’s fur feels as soft as cashmere.

Not only does Lucy Pet Products make fantastic shampoo and conditioner, they make amazing cat litter.  Our two kitties, Miracle and Olaf, make quite a mess of their two litter boxes.  I am embarrassed to admit that my parents have commented on the smell.  While my husband and I scoop the boxes often, the smell always seemed to linger.

Then we discovered Cats Incredible Superkittykattakalizmik Lavender kitty litter.  Not only does the litter clump better than any other kitty litter we have used, it actually has Smell Squasher technology.  This patented formula prevents ammonia from forming in the litter box.  What does this mean?  No more smell!

At BarkWorld, we met Litter Box Bob who let us smell a litter box that had been full for five years.  FIVE YEARS!  Guess what?  We could not smell a thing!  We raced to our local Petco and managed to buy the last bag.

Cats Incredible kitty litter comes in an easy to pour bag.  Gone are the days of lifting heavy pails and spilling most of the contents on the basement floor.  But the true test was yet to come.  We asked my parents to house sit one weekend.  When we returned, they could not stop talking about how wonderful the basement smelled.

My mom wanted to know what wall plug-ins I was using.  Dad thought we might be using jars filled with scented beads.  I loved seeing the looks on their faces when I told them that we had changed the kitty litter we were using.

Miracle and Olaf love their new litter!

Ammonia not only makes the litter box smelly, it can be toxic to your cat.  We noticed that Miracle and Olaf started getting runny noses.  Olaf then became stuffy and congested.  Our vet had attributed it to a seasonal cold.  Thanks to the wonderful Lucy Pet Products representatives, we learned that the ammonia in our cat litter was causing our kitty’s nasal problems!  Since making the switch to Cats Incredible, Miracle and Olaf have been sniffle and congestion free.

Lucy Pet Products is an outstanding company with wonderful products.  Their passion for animals and their well-being is evident in all that they do. I proudly support the Lucy Pet Foundation and highly recommend their products to pet parents everywhere.

To learn more about Lucy Pet Products and the Lucy Pet Foundation, please visit their official website at:

*Net profits are profits after operating expenses, interest and taxes.

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