Bob the Dog Book Review


Bob the Dog

In Bob the Dog by Rodrigo Folgueira, a little boy named Mark takes his dog Bob out for a romp in the park. They are having such a wonderful time! The pair are laughing and running without a care…until a tiny canary flies into Bob’s mouth.

Bob is beside himself with guilt. He cannot believe that he has just eaten a bird! Mark soon discovers that the canary (named Jeremy) is alive and well…and hiding from something.

Mark enlists the help of his woodland friends Roger the Rabbit, Cathy the Cat and Oscar the Owl. Surly, they can come up with a way to get Jeremy out of Bob’s stomach. But what if they can’t? Will Jeremy be forced to live in Bob’s tummy forever?

I absolutely love Poly Bernatene’s illustrations! They are both whimsical and adorable. I especially love all of Bob’s facial expressions. I also love how Bernatene uses mixed media throughout the book, such as hiding pages from other books within the illustrations. Adding a pawtographed photo of Lassie to Bob’s dog house was a very cute (and hilarious) touch.

While I greatly enjoyed the ending, I felt that the resolution to the story came a bit too quickly. I feel that the story could have been flushed out for a least four more pages. Overall, this is a fun read for the emergent reader.


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