Wolf Camp Book Review

“Wolf Camp” by Andrea Zuill tells that tale of Homer, a dog that feels like he is a wolf.  He enjoys doing wolfish things, such as hunting his stuffed moose and howling at the moon.  While eating breakfast one day, Homer receives an invitation to attend Wolf Camp.

Through his persistent begging, Homer’s family agrees to let him go to camp.  He can barely contain his excitement as he boards the bus with his fellow campers.  Homer soon finds out that being a wolf is very different from how he thought it would be.  Will he have the courage to stay at camp and become an honorary wolf?

This book has officially become one of my all time favorite children’s books!  The illustrations are adorably heartwarming.  I fell in love with Homer the moment I saw the cover of the book!  Many of the illustrations remind me of some of my favorite childhood cartoons.

I greatly enjoyed that humor that is laced throughout the story.  From the subtle jokes on the professor’s chalkboard to Pixie’s moose hunting, I laughed and smiled the entire time I read this story.  Readers and animal lovers of all ages will be enchanted with this story.  I know that this book is destined to become a new children’s classic.


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