Love Is My Favorite Thing Book Review

“Love Is My Favorite Thing” by Emma Chichester Clark is a charming children’s book starring the adorable dog, Plum.  “Plummie” as she is called by her parents, introduces the reader to all of the things that she loves:  wind, treats, sticks, etc.  But her favorite thing of all is love.

On a trip to the park one day, everything goes terribly wrong.  Plum soon finds herself torn between causing mischief and wanting to be a good girl.  Will Plummie’s crazy antics cost her the love of her family and friends?

I absolutely loved this book!  The illustrations are simplistic, yet whimsical.  I fell in love with Plum from page one.  Her expressions are priceless and truly capture the essence of dogs everywhere (especially mine!).  I also love Clark’s use of soft colors.

Clark’s talent as a writer truly shines in this multi-themed story.  The most obvious theme is that of an unconditional love between parent and child (or dog in this case).  No matter what a child does, a parent’s love will always be there to guide and protect them.  The second more subtle theme is learning the value of obeying one’s parents.  Plum knew that she was not supposed to get into mischief, but ignored her parent’s rules.  Had she done as she was told, she would not have had to worry or wonder if her parents still loved her.

This book is a fantastic read for dog lovers of all ages.  The story allows reader’s to take a peek into the mind of Plum, which may help us to better understand why dogs do the things that they do.  I can definitely see some of my dogs in Plum! 

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