Priceless Penny Children’s Book Released!

I will never forget the day that my husband and I saw Penny, our
tripawd Chiweenie, scale our three foot pet gate.  Bravely, she hooked
her “stump” onto the top of the gate and used her back legs to propel
herself into the center of the living room.  We were amazed!
husband told me later that day that I should write a children’s book
about Penny.  I have to admit, I did not take him seriously.  But the
more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was something I needed
to do.  Beyond sharing Penny’s amazing adoption journey with others, I
want to inspire differently-abled people (especially children).
I thought would be a quick side project turned into a two year journey
of my own.  I never realized how much work goes into actually creating
and publishing a single book!
We held the
official book launch party for “Priceless Penny” at Stray Rescue St.
Louis last Saturday.  As my husband and I are huge animal lovers, we
donated 40% of the funds raised from the sale of Penny’s book that day
to Stray Rescue so that they can continue to do their amazing, life
saving work.
I was extremely touched by the
outpouring of love and support from those that attended the party. 
Compete strangers were thanking me for writing Penny’s story.  Those
meeting Penny for the first time were stunned when Penny decided to jump
into a nearby chair.
We are so blessed to
have Penny in our lives!  Together, we hope to show that world that
different is beautiful!  And as always, tripawds rock!

Priceless Penny Book Cover
                             The cover of Penny’s book!
being held by her “Nawnee” and me in my custom “Keep Calm and Love a
Tripod” t-shirt at her official book launch party at Stray Rescue St.
This is Cynthia, the woman who rescued Penny.  We are so thankful she did!
                                                         Penny enjoying snuggles with her new friends.
My friend, Dawn, stopped by to show Penny some love.
                 Different is Beautiful!  #tripawdsrock

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