Happy Howlidays!

The howlidays are officially upon us!  What better way to celebrate than by snuggling up to watch a family friendly movie starring our favorite furry friends?  Below is a list of my personal favorites.


Grumpy Cat stars in her very first movie!  In Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever, Grumpy Cat lives in a mall pet shop where she is continually passed over by would-be adopters.  That is until she meets a special 12 year old girl named Chrystal.  After falling head over paws for Grumpy, Chrystal discovers that she can hear Grumpy talk!  Has Grumpy Cat finally found the human that can make her see the true meaning of Christmas?

Zach, a handsome firefighter, saves a stray cat when returning from a call out.  He has no idea how to care for the cute kitty and decides to take her to the vet.  While there, he meets Marilee, a veterinary student.  Both feel an instant connection between them, but sadly, Zach already has a girlfriend.  Will the fur begin to fly or can the rescued cat save the day in time for Christmas?

Glenn Barrows (played by the super handsome Dean Cain) is a widower who is trying his best to raise his children, Elliot and Phoebe, solo.  With Christmas coming, Glenn is hoping to recapture the magic that the family once shared during this time of the year.  Enter Belle, an adorably gorgeous puppy that instantly bonds with Elliot and Phoebe.  Will Glenn’s dog-hating, gold-digging girlfriend ruin this beautiful relationship for good?

Elisa Donovan stars as Laura, a self-absorbed workaholic who has recently lost her dog.  Feeling stuck in her life, she visits a Life Coach who is really one of Santa’s elves!  The elf tells Laura to make 12 wishes for a positive change in her life.  But will Laura’s wishes have irreversible consequences?  Will she be able to get her normal life and dog back before Christmas?  You’ll have to watch to find out!








  Jennie Garth stars a Susan, a widowed unemployed LA museum curator who is trying to care for her three sons.  Her dog, Rusty, ends up falling in love with Cheri, a pampered poodle that belongs to Jake, the owner of a local winery.  These fur-crossed lovers soon help their humans to fall in love too.  With a Christmas Day wedding planned, will these two families be able to put their differences aside in time to walk down the aisle?

Zeus, a former K-9 police dog, has recently been adopted by the Bannister family.  They are hoping that Zeus will be the guard dog that they have been looking for.  But Zeus continues to make mistakes.  When two burglars threaten to break into the Bannister’s home on Christmas Eve, will Zeus be able to prove himself once and for all?  Starring the voice of Mario Lopez as Zeus and Dean Cain as one of the burglars, this movie is a must see!

I hope that these movies put you and your fur babies into the spirit of the season!  Don’t forget the pupcorn!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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