Pet Expo 2015

Dogs were lined up as far as the eye could see. Kittens snuggled in their crates waiting to be adopted.  The smell of freshly baked pizza wafted through the air.  Welcome to the St. Louis Pet Expo!

This free event is held annually at the St. Charles, MO convention center.  My husband and I look forward to going every year.  We view it as Christmas for pet parents.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you are given a goodie bag containing coupons and pet themed magazines.  We also use this bag to haul our stash of newly acquired business cards and brochures.  I made a beeline to one of my favorite tables:  Preston Speaks!  This adorable dog with a blog is as sweet as he can be.  I first met him at the 2014 expo and love reconnecting with him (and his humans).

Amid the rescue organizations, I was excited to see St. Louis Aviary Rescue.  I think this is the first time that we have seen a bird rescue group.  They had so many beautiful birds!  My favorite was a pair of cockatiels.  They reminded me of an old married couple.  The grey cockatiel would snuggle up to the yellow one.  Then the yellow one would promptly bite the grey one’s feathers!

An animal conservation group was also on hand.  They were showcasing a baby beaver.  He was so small but his feet were HUGE!  We learned that baby beavers need to be touched and groomed by their mothers until they are two weeks old.  If they do not receive this physical contact, they will become depressed, stop eating and eventually die.

I hope that you enjoy the following photos from the expo!

  These adorable kitties were enjoying some quality snuggle time.
Hanging out with my favorite Westie, Preston and his sister, Daisy!
This is a baby beaver.  Check out his back feet!
This is a real, live puppy!  She was completely zonked out.  We thought she was a stuffed toy!

I love my new Preston Speaks t-shirt!
This is my husband’s favorite shirt.  Fur babies rock!

Our Dachshund is perfectly described by this t-shirt.
We cannot wait to see what the 2016 Expo will bring!

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