Mabel is Marvelous!

Meet Mabel.  This Frenchie’s antics rival that of Paris Hilton.  Well…almost.

Being the pampered pooch that she is, Mabel tends to break many of the rules that her humans make.  She is constantly immersing herself in the fun-filled world that clearly revolves around her.  Mistakes can easily be fixed, right?

One day, Mabel discovers the true meaning of the word “naughty.”  Could her greatest act of rebellion cost her the love of her family?  You will have to read Naughty Mabel by Nathan Lane and Devlin Elliott to find out, darlings!

I absolutely love everything about this book!  I find it refreshing that the story is told from Mabel’s point of view.  Lane and Elliott did an amazing job of giving Mabel a very distinctive voice and personality.  As I read the book aloud to my own furry pack, I could hear Mabel’s spoiled, upper-crust accent emerge.

I also found the style of writing to be very humorous and entertaining.  This is definitely not your typically children’s picture book.  There are parts of the story that will certainly make older children and adults chuckle.

Many of Mabel’s antics are totally relatable to pet and human parents alike.  I think this makes the story even more enjoyable to read.  Dan Krall’s illustrations are wonderfully whimsical.  I fell in love with Mabel by page one.  Her numerous facial expressions are simply adorable.  I also noticed similarities between some of the human characters and celebrities (such as a Martha Stuart look-alike).  Genius!

Naughty Mabel is sure to become the next children’s classic.  This book will enchant and delight dog lovers of all ages.  I cannot wait to read it again!

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