Brave Brownie

He flew through the backyard like a rocket.  His tail was a blur in the wind.  Brownie was full of life.

The day began just like any other.  Brownie had his sites on a squirrel that was digging in a nearby flowerbed.  When the door opened, Brownie bolted.

A shriek pierced the air.  Brownie’s owners raced outside to discover Brownie dragging his back legs.  Frustrated, scared and confused, Brownie whimpered as he tried to move.

A trip to the vet’s revealed that Brownie was suffering from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).  This disease is very common among the Dachshund breed.  The typical course of action is surgery.

Rescue Ink, a non-profit rescue and rehabilitation group in New York, heard of Brownie’s plight and rushed in to help.  One of the members began giving Brownie massage therapy to “align his chakras.”  Still another member began creating a custom wheelchair for Brownie to cruise the streets in.

While I was touched by the actions of Rescue Ink, I was completely applaud by Brownie’s so-called “family.”  The father openly admitted that if the Rescue Ink team could not get Brownie walking again, they would have to “get rid of him.”  He went on to say that he could not handle Brownie having accidents in the house (Brownie also lost control of his bladder when the disc slipped.).

Is this how a family member should be treated?  If a human’s legs stop working, do we dump them at the pound?  If they cannot control their bladder, do we euthanize them?  Absolutely not!  We purchase a wheelchair, a package of Depends and keep on loving them unconditionally.

Brownie’s family had completely given up on him, yet there were numerous options at their disposal.  First, they could have contacted the Frankie Wheelchair Fund (  This fund was created by author Barbra Techel who lost her own doxie to IVDD.  The fund provides wheelchairs for dogs of all breeds who are suffering from this terrible disease.

Being the proud fur mom of five dogs and two cats, I completely understand how expensive surgeries can be.  A very popular option among rescue groups that are trying to pay for medical bills for their rescues is to create a Go Fund Me page on  Campaigns are free to create and all of the proceeds collected go directly to the creator.

In regards to Brownie’s bladder issues, all major pet stores carry disposable doggie diapers.  I have personally tried the cloth belly band on one of my pooches and it worked wonderfully.  A third option would be to use the ever popular puppy pads.

Thankfully, Brownie thrived under the care of Rescue Ink and remained with his family.  Yet, my greatest fear is that Brownie will have done all of this work for nothing.  What happens if he occasionally has an accident or breaks something on his cart?  Maybe he will develop cataracts or hearing problems as he ages.  Will his “family” stay by his side or dump him at a local shelter to be needlessly killed?

Pets are not garbage to be thrown away.  They are loyal, loving family members that deserve respect.  Do not adopt a pet if you are not prepared to make a lifetime commitment both emotionally and financially.

Be sure to check out Rescue Ink’s official website at:


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