Horrible Hunting

Spring is finally here!  My pack could not be happier to see that the snow has melted away and the sunshine has returned.  Our tripod, Penny, participated in her second dog Easter egg hunt last Saturday sponsored by Treats Unleashed.

With Easter just four days away, I wanted to share some tried and true tips to make your next dog Easter egg hunt a success.

1.  Do not bring retractable leashes!  There is a reason why this is specified on the Easter egg hunt advertisement.  If you do not leave the leash locked, you could end up tripping someone, even another dog.  They also have a tendency to get tangled very quickly and can cut off the circulation to your extremities.  My mom has even suffered cuts on her hand from the rope sliding quickly over her skin as her dog took off running.

2.  Be mindful of your dog (s) at all times!  I cannot tell you how many dogs were allowed to rush at other dogs by their owners.  We had decided to bring Domino (our Blue Merle Chihuahua).  He was incredibly nervous of dogs rushing towards him and nipped at those who did.  You need to be a responsible pet parent and make sure that your dog (s) are respectful of those around them.  If your dog has aggressive tendencies, do not tempt fate by bringing him/her to such a public event where other dogs could get hurt.  Instead, try hosting your own egg hunt in your backyard.

3.  Do not be a pageant pet parent!  This was our second Treats Unleashed Easter egg hunt event.  We could not believe how rude many of the other pet parents were!  Some were totally obsessed with getting as many eggs as they possibly could and were even talking about having a “game plan.”  Seriously?  The whole point of the egg hunt is to have fun with your dog (s).  I love seeing Penny hop around and actually find the eggs on her own and then enjoy the treats hidden inside.

4.  Not all dogs like the Easter Bunny.  Treats Unleashed graciously offers free photos with the Easter Bunny.  I cannot tell you how many dogs looked utterly terrified to be sitting on (or next to) said bunny.  The woman in front of us kept tugging on her dogs’ leashes, forcing them to be in a situation that they did not want to be in.  I felt so bad for those pooches.  While I understand that this is a great photo opportunity, know your dog’s limits.  If he/she seems uncomfortable or exhibits any signs of stress, such as shaking or panting, it may be time to hop off the bunny trail.

5.   Do arrive early to the event.  There is nothing worse than rolling up late to a timed event.  Rushing almost always leads to some sort of injury or accident.  Instead, try arriving about 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin.  Not only will you get a better parking spot, but you will be able to register and see the sights before the other pooches arrive.  And you should be able to pick out your hunting spot unencumbered instead of having to squeeze in next to someone at the last moment.

With these tips, you are sure to have an egg-cellent time!  Happy hunting, everyone!

 Penny and Domino check out their eggs.

 Posing by the even sign.

Hanging out with the Easter Bunny (they were VERY distracted by the other dogs).


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