Canine Carnival 2014

My apologies once again, for being behind on my blogging.  We attended the annual Canine Carnival, held at Tilles Park in St. Louis, Missouri.  There were tons of adorable dogs (and even a few cats)!  With tons of games, food and shopping, it was easy to lose track of time.  The day passed so quickly, but was tons of fun.  And all proceeds from the purchase of the Canine Carnival t-shirt go directly to the Missouri Animal Protection Agency.

 We dressed Adriel in her famous angel costume for the costume contest.

 I love the ears on this adorable Chihuahua!

 More big ears to love!

 Keeping warm on a cool day.

 Adriel channels her inner bliss.

 This Dalmatian totally rocked the Robin costume.

 Check out this dappled doxie!

 This is one stylin’ Dachshund.  Note the matching hat and bandanna.

 Meet Fergus!  This little cutie is up for adoption.  He may only have one good eye, but he is a total love bug!

 The babies and I pose in front of the giant dog inflatable.

 This long-haired Chihuahua reminds me of my Theo!

 It’s a Mexican Hairless!  I know what breed I’ll be adopting next!

 Check out this costume:  It’s a Min Pin-cushion!

 It’s a Min (Pin) ion!  Super creative costuming!

 Take a look at those gorgeous eyes!

 Look at this adorable one-eyed wonder!

 This pooch is relaxing after getting a (temporary) tattoo.

 Meet Sebastian, the cutest dog alive!

 He looks so serious for such a young pup.

 Even angels get tired.

 What a stately Scottie.

 I got to meet this adorable Bostie pack!

 This tiny poodle is a Therapy Dog!

 Crikey!  It’s the rare Tigerchi!  Just kidding; this is one super-cool air brushed tattoo.

 Chihuahuas are one of my favorite breeds.

 Hello, poochies!

 It’s a Whippet pack!

 This little cutie dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh!

OMD!  What a doll!

I can’t wait until next year’s Canine Carnival!


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