An Act of Dog Project

I love to connect with people via social media and blogs.  As I was perusing people on LinkedIn, I came across Mark Barone.  This man has started a phenomenal project called “An Act of Dog.”


Barone is creating a memorial for dogs that have been euthanized in shelters simply because their “time was up.”  He will be traveling across the United States and hand-painting 5,500 dog portraits.  Why 5,500?  This is the number of dogs that are euthanized daily.  


I could not believe the staggering number!  How is it possible that we, as human beings, are just sitting idly by while this murdering rampage continues?  We need to make a change!


The purpose of Barone’s project is to spread awareness about the No Kill Solution.  Barone also has ideas about specific programs that can be incorporated into any shelter that will put an end to the senseless killings.  He is in hopes that all shelters in the United States will become No Kill.  


Each dog featured in the project is an actual dog that was euthanized at a shelter in the United States.  The paintings are truly moving as Barone captures the pain and heartbreak that the dogs must have felt from being abandoned in a cold, cruel shelter.  He believes that each dog has a story to tell and he will use his brush and paints to give a voice to the voiceless.


When the project is completed, it will be half the size of the Sistine Chapel!  And 100% of the money that is raised from the project will go towards reforming our shelters and saving all our companion animals.  The project is also being made into a documentary by PBS.


To watch Barone at work, visit:


To learn more about the “An Act of Dog” project, please visit:  You will also find links to their Facebook and twitter pages as well as ways to help turn your local animal shelter into a No Kill shelter.


Please, join us in the fight to help reform our shelters so that they can become just that:  shelter to an abandoned animal.


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