Callous Cruelty

When I opened up the recent edition of the Missouri Humane Society online newsletter, I was horrified.  At the very top of the page was yet another story about someone burning a dog.  The graphic photos showed that the dog (named Zeus) was burned on his eyes, legs and body.  He had no pads left on his paws.

Would you believe that the owner had the gall to surrender Zeus to the Humane Society?  The owner claimed that “Zeus got loose.”  Yes, when my dogs have gotten loose, they have always returned with burns all over their bodies.  Seriously?  Who could believe this person?

I truly cannot fathom what sick, twisted, demented individual would want to burn a dog, or any animal for that matter.  Does this make the person feel macho?  How are you “more manly” for picking on a defenseless animal that trusts you with its life?  Lording physical power over someone does not make you a stronger, sexy individual.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.  You become a heartless bully that seeks only to bring others down.

And how can you take your frustrations out on a dog?  My dogs provide comfort and bring me joy.  After a trying day at work, I look forward to going home and being covered in sloppy kisses.  I cannot wait to see their tails wagging like crazy at my arrival.  They are always happy to see me and love unconditionally.  Why on earth would I want to knowingly hurt them?

I am greatly concerned about this rise in dog burning incidents.  What is going on in the minds of the individuals that are performing these cruel acts?  How do they justify the behavior to themselves? 

This is reminiscent of Trooper being tied to the back of a pick-up truck and drug for miles down the interstate.  She was mad at her ex-husband and took it out on his puppy.  So, what exactly did this heinous act prove?  If she was really mad, couldn’t she have just tried to take all of his money in court?  Why resort to abusing a puppy that has no say or control in the divorce matter?

If you cannot or no longer wish to take care of your dog, PLEASE, give the dog to someone else.  Turn the dog in to your local humane society or animal shelter (preferably a no kill location).  Or, if worse comes to worse, please just abandon your dog unharmed.  He/she will have a better chance of surviving or being rescued by someone without physical injuries. 

Burning, kicking, stabbing, shooting, throwing, hitting, dragging or any other despicable act that you can think of is NOT A SOLUTION.  To me, this just proves how un-manly/womanly you truly are.  You are not a human being deserving of happiness.  You are a monster that needs to be stopped and have the same callous cruelty that you inflicted upon the dog/animal done to you.




One thought on “Callous Cruelty

  1. Thanks for sharing a disturbing, albeit, important story. Awareneness of animal cruelty needs to be brought to the light of day, because as the rulers of this earth, we are the only ones who can change it.

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