Priceless Penny

I am not going to lie.  Penny’s adoption story is my favorite out of all of my fur babies.  My husband and I were talking about the fact that we never expected to have so many male dogs.  I had always envisioned having female dogs, like my grandma.

That is when Matt opened Pandora’s box.  He said, “It would be nice if Adriel had another girl to play with.”  That is all I needed to hear before heading back to!  Someone really should ban me from that website!

I found the most adorable Chihuahua that had the biggest ears that I have ever seen in my life!  And the face?  Like a little furry angel!  The only problem was, someone else had discovered her first.  I was told that if things didn’t work out, they would let me know.

While I had been searching, before I found the big eared baby, I discovered yet another unique pooch.  This dog had a severe overbite and a deformed front paw.  The “leg” is short and looks like a stump with two toes on it.  One “toe” is long and stiff, the other is short and floppy.  For some reason, I kept being drawn back to that dog.

Why not own a special needs dog?  I was already blessed to share my love with four perfectly formed dogs.  And this dog deserved to be loved, too.  My husband looked at the pictures and made a face.  My response?  I e-mailed the head of the rescue organization.  Boy, did I get a story!

Daisy (now Penny) was found as a stray in California!  She was sent to a high kill shelter where she was discovered by one of Cynthia Lee’s (the head of 2nd Chance Animal Rescue) friends.  Cynthia got the call that she so often gets, “Can you take one more?”  Before Daisy knew it, she was being transported via Flying-B Pet Transportation.  Her destination?  Springfield, Illinois.

So, we set up a visit with Daisy, Cynthia and her foster mom, Sherri Sharf.  Daisy was then driven another 2 hours to come to our house in Freeburg, IL.  When I opened the door, my heart dropped.  She did look quite different that I had pictured her from the photos.  Cynthia and Sherri set her down on the floor and I almost cried as I watched her hop around the living room.  “Well, what do you think?” Cynthia asked me.

My husband pulled me aside and said, “That dog is fugly!”  But, his mind was soon changed as we watched Daisy launch onto the couch.  Wow!  We thought that she was going to need special care.  Were we ever wrong!

We completed the adoption and named her after a character from our favorite T.V. show, Penny from “The Big Bang Theory.”  Penny is such a loving, caring dog.  She absolutely adores Cole.  He bites her stump, she bites his nose and they have a great time together.  She also loves getting bathed by Adriel and chasing Domino up and down the hall.

She further amazed us when she managed to scale a 3 foot pet gate that was placed on our kitchen step.  She used her stump to latch onto the gate and then kicked her back legs to help her land in the middle of the living room.  Check it out on YouTube: (Preview) .

Her amazing spirit inspired me to write my first ever children’s book, “Priceless Penny” (currently in production).  Check out the official campaign at:

Penny is one amazing pooch who has truly earned the title of “priceless.”


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