Peculiar Peppe

This time, is not to blame for the final addition to my family.  I received an e-mail from Diana’s Grove Rescue because this is the organization that I adopted a dog (Tito) for my mom.  When I opened the e-mail, I saw a color flier for their upcoming adoption event.

On the front of the flier was the craziest looking dog that I had ever seen!  Peppe, the Chinese Crested.  He looked nothing like the crested featured in the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”  This dog had not fur on his tail and was spotted!

It was insta-love!  Even my husband was a bit excited.  This was definitely different from our mostly Chihuahua filled household.  Upon meeting Peppe, he gave Matt a big kiss on the chin.  He was hooked.

Peppe was actually used for breeder.  His owner suddenly passed away, leaving him homeless.  The organization called him “the Velcro dog.”  I soon found out why.  Peppe wants to be everywhere that you are.  He wants attention 24/7 and he will not be ignored!  But, he is a super cutie pie (except at dinner time).  I have to say that I have never seen a dog eat as fast as he does.

My vet was quite surprised to see him.  She told me that Chinese Cresteds are not popular in this region.  I suppose this would have to do with the skin care that needs to be provided.  Peppe must be bathed once a week to replenish his natural skin oils.  He also needs to have coconut oil slathered on once a day to help keep his skin hydrated.  He doesn’t mind.  Peppe loves to lick himself after being oiled.

He completes our fur family quite nicely. 


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