Charismatic Cole

Around the time that I had set the date to adopt Domino, someone at work posted onto our electronic bulletin board that they had a dog free to a good home.  I should not have opened the photo attachment.  When I did, staring back at me was twin of my husband’s dog, Duchess, that had recently been put to sleep.

Before I knew it, I found myself e-mailing the poster and requesting to know more about the dog.  I soon learned that the dog was not free.  The woman was posting the dog for her daughter who was fostering him.  His name was Doodle (yes, he had a brother named Yankee) and he is a gorgeous Min Pin/Chi mix.  I knew that my husband would love him.

When I told him about the fourth dog, he was less than pleased.  We are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but, our small dogs really don’t eat that much.  I convinced him to just meet the dog.  As we got out of the car at the dog park in O’Fallon, my husband took one look at Doodle, looked back at me and said, “Lauren, I love him!”

He saw the Duchess-like qualities that Doodle possessed.  We had also taken Theo and Adriel with us to see how they would get along.  Amazingly, they were soon chasing each other!  I then found out that Doodle was also from the St. Louis Senior Dog Project.  He had been abandoned and was found wandering the streets of St. Louis with his brother.

Doodle’s skin was covered in ticks.  He even had to have several surgically removed!  Interestingly enough, the patches of fur where the insects were taken from are now white.  Even after being put through all of that pain, Doodle is the biggest sweet baby ever.

Of course, the name had to go.  Doodle?  Really?  That is not a very respectable name for a 21 pound dog.  My husband was reading a book at the time that had a character whose name was Coltrane.  That was clearly a no-go with me.  Then I suggested Cole.  His ears perked up the minute he heard the name.  So, Cole chose his own name.

I was told at a recent vet visit that Cole is the “best behaved Min Pin” that the vet had ever seen!  Apparently, Min Pin’s have a history of being snappy.  Not our Cole baby!  If you are looking for an absolute love bug that wants to cuddle, Cole is your pooch!


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