Tail Time

Welcome to my new blog!

As the proud mother of 6 fur babies, I decided it was time that I created a blog where I could not only brag, but share some of the crazy things that my fur babies do.  I never intended to become a “crazy dog lady.”  But after adopting my first rescue dog at the age of 8, I was hooked.  His name was Spots and he was a beautiful Border Collie.  I can remember many summer nights passed by playing fetch with his favorite ball.

Sadly, he passed away many years ago due to cancer.  My family was devastated.  But, once you have a dog in your life, it is truly impossible (at least for me) to live without one.  So, a few months later, I told my mom that I wanted a Chihuahua.  She repeated the same stereotypically words that I still hear when out and about with the babies:  “They have buggy eyes and yap all the time.”  Oddly enough, in a few days, my mom had gone on www.petfinder.com (at the advice of her hairdresser) and discovered Theo.

 He of course, became a staple in our family.  Honestly, I do not know which upset my parents more, me getting married or the fact that I was taking Theo with me!

So, if you love dogs as much as I do, please follow my blog!  I look forward to connecting with you!


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